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What Our Participants Say...

“The course really taught me the basic principles of how to work through problems, how to be self aware, resist temptations, alter my behaviors, have control of my life and change it into a positive direction to have a good life.”

“I am not my past or what others expect of me. I cannot change the family I was born into, but can become successful and live a happy life. The biggest obstacle is having faith in myself, the desire to move ahead. I have learned that I am better than the person I am now all I need to do is find the motivation to find and acquire my happiness.”

“I was not aware how easy it is for our thoughts to become actions. I learned a lot about myself I never knew before this course. I am ready to change my life with what I learned. I will live in the present and leave my past behind. I will read the steps to change and follow them to improve my life.”

“I learned to become more aware of my surroundings, and how to separate my thought process and use it to the good, and how to take step on my self worth. I plan on using these to better my life and not go backwards. I want to be an honest member of society and not ruin it.”

“This course / process has allowed me to reflect upon myself and my wrong actions and to move past the hurt, self hatred, and be more compassionate towards myself and others. I understand that I have done wrong and want to make it right. This course has given me this opportunity as a life lesson and growing opportunity as a person.”

“First is - becoming aware I have a problem that I want to change. I don’t want to change because someone is telling me to. I want to change for myself. I desire to be a better person. Then, I need to change my attitude, accept my faults, be positive and hang with positive people, if I have a good attitude and think positive I will become that person. Then, take all Skills I have learned from this course and put them all together to help change my mindset. If I put all these together then my behavior will change and I will become what I desire..

Take steps. Remember it takes time. I have to put the steps together to change my mindset. Start off 30 days, move to 90, and so on. I can change my habits and delete all the negativity from my life. I have to remember this isn’t gonna happen automatically, I have to put the work in. I’m ready. I’m going to start with writing myself worth and telling myself over and over again, make a list of my goals and focus on those and put all these together to change my subconscious.”