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Held Annually in the Fall Season

Anger Management Program


The Anger Management Program addresses the growing issue of destructive anger in society. It is a one-day (six-hour) course designed to target persons who have been convicted of legal offenses involving harmful expressions of anger. Examples include malicious destruction of property, reckless or careless driving (road rage), harassment and non-partner assault. The Program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to encourage participants to openly explore their behavior. Themes of personal accountability and positive change will be emphasized. The harmful consequences of destructive anger on relationships, emotional and physical health, and legal status will be identified and reinforced. Participants will learn simple, proven techniques for self-management within a highly structured format.

Drugs of Abuse Program


The Drugs of Abuse Program introduces the negative effects that illicit drug use can have on functioning. It is a one-day (six-hour) course designed to target defendants who have been convicted of drug-related offenses. The program can accommodate participants for whom drug use played a role in the primary offense; these may include domestic violence, theft, assault, child abuse/neglect and Malicious Destruction of Property. The Program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to encourage participants to openly explore their behavior. Themes of personal accountability and positive change will be emphasized. The harmful effects of drug use on emotional and physical health, relationships, employment, family dynamics and legal status will be identified and reinforced. Participants will learn to recognize and understand the progressive nature of chemical dependency and techniques for breaking the cycle of addiction. The Program’s highly structured, interactive format emphasizes the important roles of goal setting and support systems on positive change.

Decision Pathways Program


The Decision Pathways program is offered by the ARM Program to address concerns associated with non violent offenders behavioral and decision making issues. The purpose of this program is to provide those who have been charged with crimes an opportunity to address issues in a supportive environment. Our objective is to aid them in sustaining changes made as a result of both court and psycho-educational interventions. Topics will include, but are not limited to attitudes, criminal personalities, Stages of Change, decision making skills, goal setting, and employability. Individuals completing this course have the potential to learn the skills necessary to make more positive life choices with a goal of reducing recidivism as well as improving their overall lifestyle.

Parenting Support Program


Our program is designed to enhance parental motivation and increase knowledge of parenting skills, family life, and the influence drug/health issues have on the family unit. The ultimate goal of the Parenting Support Program is to improve parenting and family functioning for a more global improvement of the family environment. The Parenting Support Program is a parenting intervention designed to be compatibly used in conjunction with any standard court-mandated programs. The Parenting Support Program was designed with the recognition that parents come to us with a variety of issues, concerns, beliefs, and a full history of experiences. Most of the participants will be entering the course as part of a court order due to an offense within the legal system. It is our hope that parents will experience a place of support, new ideas, and renewed motivation to be their best selves to reach their personal parenting goals.

Theft Awareness Program


The T.A.P. Program is an economic crime intervention course primarily designed for the offender who engages in shoplifting, embezzlement, larceny, or similar crimes at the misdemeanor level. Economic crime offenses have placed a tremendous burden on society, the courts, and the offender alike. In the area of shoplifting in the United States alone, more than 10 million people have been caught engaging in this crime in the last 5 years. Studies suggest that 1 out of 3 shoplifters will repeat the offense despite having gone through our judicial system and facing the consequences therein. While this information is staggering in and of itself, retail employees steal three times more than shoplifters. Effective educational intervention has been shown to decrease the recidivism numbers for these offenders. The primary goal of our T.A.P. Program is to assist the offender in exploring the following areas through the 4 A’s (awareness, acceptance, accountability, adaptability) as a way to reduce risk for recidivism.

Weekend Programs

Held Annually in the Fall Season

Location: Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center

1922 IL-2, Oregon, Illinois 61061

Program Time: Saturday 9:00am – Sunday 4:00pm CST

Family Session: Sunday 3:00-4:00pm CST

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