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  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

  • Each course takes about 8 hours in length to complete.

  • The course does NOT have to be completed all at once, you may log in & out to complete at your own pace.

  • Be sure to logout each time to save your progress.

  • Accessible on: computer, laptop, tablet, phones.

  • Please note emails and messages are automated.

  • Once it is completed, we will process your completion and submit to the court on the next business day.

  • Please complete your course at least 1 week before the court’s deadline to ensure proper processing time.

Adult eLearning or Workbook Courses

Anger Management

Bad Check (Workbook only)

Cognitive Awareness

Contentious Relationships

Domestic Violence

Driver Responsibility

Driving Under the Influence


Marijuana Awareness

Minor In Possession

Offender Corrections


Personal Responsibility

Sex Offender (Workbook only)

Substance Abuse


All eLearning courses are now available in Spanish!

Multiple Program Equivalents

ARM Weekend Program

Driver Responsibility

Offender Corrections

Substance Abuse

Decision Pathways Program

Cognitive Awareness

Personal Responsibility

2 Day Theft Awareness Program


Personal Responsibility

Juvenile & Youth Prevention Programs

Referral Partners

Evidence-Based - Self-Directed - CBT Format eLearning Courses

In a System of:

CBT Intervention

Client Accountability

Court Collaboration

Nationwide ARM Program is an affiliate of ACCI (American Community Correction Institute). ACCI is an evidence based, best practice organization that researches and produces cognitive life-skills curriculum for criminal offenders. Their goal is to assist the criminal justice system by developing effective cognitive restructuring curriculum that can sharply reduce recidivism by successfully meeting the criminogenic needs of offenders.

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All eLearning Courses


All Workbook Courses ($15 Shipping Fee included)

Payment is due prior to the start of your program.

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