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Weekend Programs

Award winning weekend intervention program which includes didactic lectures that define the cycle of addiction and individual risk factors, educational sessions on denial and defense mechanisms, outdoor initiatives that focus on decision making and life choices, trust, support, and communication.

The A.R.M. Program is a weekend sentencing alternative course designed for defendants involved with any alcohol related offenses. The high rate of recidivism for such crimes illustrates the need for an intensive intervention that forces participants to examine the consequences of their choices. The participant spends the entire weekend at the ARM Program and is held accountable for their actions in a highly structured format.

The Nationwide A.R.M. Program provides a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to encourage participants to openly explore their behavior. Themes of personal accountability and positive change are emphasized. The harmful effects of alcohol and other drug use on relationships, emotional and physical health, and legal status are covered. Guest speakers offer a real-life perspective that reinforces the topics presented. The group is led through a low-ropes course intended to enhance a variety of life skills crucial to relapse prevention. Finally, a family session builds on themes of support, goal-setting and accountability.


Howell Conference & Nature Center, 1005 Triangle Lake Rd, Howell, MI 48843

Program Time: Saturday 8:30am – Sunday 3:00pm EST

Family Session: Sunday 2:00-3:00pm EST


Stronghold Camp & Retreat Center,
1922 IL-2, Oregon, IL 61061

Program Time: Friday 6:30pm – Sunday 1:00pm CST

Family Session: Sunday 12:00-1:00pm CST

Additional Weekend Programs


Treatment Courts Weekends

(Sobriety, Drug, & Veterans Court)


Spanish Weekends

eLearning Program Equivalent

If you are unable to make it to the weekend program in person,

please get approval from your court to request the online program.

Driver Responsibility, Offender Corrections, Substance Abuse

Payment Details


ARM (Regular Probation) Weekend, Treatment Courts (Sobriety, Drug, Veterans), Spanish Weekend Programs

Payment is due 2 weeks prior to your scheduled program.

Please Note: Failure to make payment 2 weeks prior to your program will result in being removed from the class list, and a $25 processing fee will be incurred to be added back to the class list.

$25 Rescheduling Fees are due upon rescheduling prior to 1 week before the program.

$50 Rescheduling Fees are due upon rescheduling 1-3 days prior to the program.

Failure to show to your scheduled program will result in having to pay for the program again.

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